• Start Date: 2019
  • Completion Date: Present
  • Location: King's Cross
  • Sector: Metropolitan


The development of King’s Cross (N1C) by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership represents one of the most prestigious regeneration projects in London. The 67-acre former industrial site has, over the past 20 years, been transformed into a vibrant new neighbourhood and an amenity for the growing local community. When complete, the development will comprise 50 new buildings (including 1,900 new homes), 20 new streets, 10 new public parks and squares and 26 acres of open space.

The area’s energy demands are served by de-centralised district heating and cooling networks with installed capacities of 40MW and 11MW respectively. These systems are owned operated and operated by Metropolitan as part of a joint venture Energy Service Company (ESCo) Therma Mech successfully secured a delivery partnership with Metropolitan in 2019 and our experienced team have since retained sole responsibility for the rapid expansion of both the district heating and cooling networks. Our works to date have included design, supply, installation, and commissioning of over 1000m of pre-insulated, underground heating and cooling pipework and approximately 20MW of heating and cooling interface infrastructure serving eight buildings.


Both the nature and location of the Kings Cross development have posed significant logistical challenges to the delivery of our works. The connection of the T2-T4 building to the district energy network necessitated the installation of heat interface plant weighing approximately 14 tonnes on the second floor of the building; 6m above ground level. Our installation team successfully executed these works by means of careful operational planning, coordination and engagement with stakeholders and partnership with specialist sub-contractors.