District Heating in Bristol

May 31, 2019


District heating is a type of heating system that provides heat to multiple homes and buildings. It works by having a single centralised location that distributes heat to various other locations via a network of insulated pipes.

It’s an efficient solution as heat is only used as and when required, saving not only energy but money too.

Th size of each network can vary, but currently over 17,000 district heating systems are set up in the UK. They’re particularly common among residential buildings, commercial units, offices, hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

Bristol District Heating Installers

Here at Therma-Mech, we specialise in designing and installing district heating systems of all complexities. Based in Bristol, our experienced team have delivered a wide range of M&E projects and are passionate about helping to upgrade the efficiency of the methods of which heat is distributed across the UK.

Examples of District Heating in Bristol

Our portfolio of past district heating projects we’ve completed or are currently working on in and around the South West illustrate just how effective this approach to heating can be:

Knowle West Children’s Centre

Knowle West Children’s Centre is a nursery school in Bristol offering families with young children a comprehensive range of services, information and support. In 2017 we worked alongside SKANSKA (one of the UK’s leading construction contractors) to refurbish the school’s existing facilities and equip their new prefabricated building extensions with a completely new heating and domestic service.

View the full case study: https://www.therma-mech.co.uk/case-studies/knowle-west-childrens-centre/

The Dolphin School

We delivered a variety of high-quality M&E services to the recently built Dolphin School in the centre of Bristol. This included domestic heating and gas as well as above ground drainage. With some areas proving to be particularly difficult to access and limited storage available on-site, competent project management was key to ensuring our team succeeded the expectations of the client.

Bath Riverside

A long-term project due to be fully completed in 2025, Bath Riverside is a development of modern apartments, penthouse apartments, studios and homes on the banks of the River Avon in Bath. It’s being managed by Crest Nicholson and is the city’s largest residential development.

We are responsible for providing the district heating to each residential and commercial plot through above ground pipework. District heating is especially suited to residential buildings due to the fact that the carbon emission is lower for centralised energy centres than for accumulated individual boilers, which is one of the many reasons why it’s being utilised in this new development. This approach to heating also requires less maintenance – without individual heaters in each home, less maintenance is required which helps to reduce ongoing costs and time spent repairing the system.

Fry Building

We’re incredibly proud to be working on the Grade II listed Fry Building. Previously used for the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Bristol has invested £33m in transforming it to become the now home for the School of Mathematics.

Once complete, the renovation will provide a new 140-seat lecture theatre (as well as refurbish two additional lecture theatres), research seminar rooms and a wide variety of purpose-designed spaces to facilitate interaction and collaboration. Our team will be installing over 500 radiators and dry risers as part of this project, creating an efficient heating method for the building that vastly reduces emissions.

Providers of District Heating UK

If you’re looking to find out more about district heating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. Whether you’re considering upgrading your current heating system, looking to expand or are just intrigued to learn more, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the benefits it can provide.

We don’t just operate in the Bristol area, we work all over the UK, including London, Scotland, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.

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