Decarbonising heating and cooling systems is one of the largest challenges the UK faces in reaching net zero carbon by 2050. The installation of district energy is the ultimate future-proof means of heating and cooling homes and businesses, and we’re proud to be part of the solution.

17% of UK heating needs to be met through heat networks by 2030.*

*accurate as of May 2021

How it works for you

The installation of district energy is now a top priority for the UK in our pursuit of energy transformation. Efficient and environmentally friendly, district heat networks can be used to meet the latest planning regulations and answer the political and public demand to achieve future net-zero. Networks can also be extended and retrofitted, and heat sources can be exchanged as new innovative technologies become available.

Driving Change

At ThermaMech we’re driving that change. Rapidly adapting to technological developments and committing to delivering the most efficient and sustainable heat network solutions for our customers, across high-rise city living, low-density new-build housing and mixed-use developments.