Our impact

Decarbonising heating and cooling systems is one of the most crucial challenges the UK faces in reaching net zero carbon by 2050. The installation of district energy is the ultimate future-proof means of providing low carbon, low cost heating to homes, communities and businesses, and we’re proud to be part of the solution.

Sustainability at ThermaMech

As a business focussed on reducing the UK’s carbon impact, we have developed a carbon reduction plan within ThermaMech, to ensure our work leaves the lightest possible footprint. Focussed on optimising the impact of the infrastructure we create, valuing and protecting the environments we work in, influencing the sustainability of our specialist supply chain, and always having a positive effect on the communities we work with.

Health & Safety

We have an unwavering commitment to health & safety. We have a safety first culture, prioritising visible leadership, comprehensive safety protocols and training, and open communication channels.

Mental health & wellbeing

Our company culture is purposefully built around fostering positive mental health and overall wellbeing. We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the colleagues, clients and communities we affect, contributing to the creation of an inclusive world where individuals can thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our business reflects the communities we work in. And when you bring people together, we believe that everyone’s voice should be heard. A strong and healthy workplace is one where every individual feels as valued as the next, from entry level to leadership.

Social Value

We place social value at the heart of every project. Always working closely with our clients to craft a Social Value Delivery Plan that ensures that local communities are social and economic benefactors of the work we do. Our approach takes into account each project’s overall value, and focusses on proposals that can include apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

We always work closely with our clients to craft the Social Value Delivery Plan. To start, we gather some initial information or guidance from the client about their priorities. This helps us shape our first proposal, which we then refine and develop further during a workshop session. Drawing on our extensive experience in social value delivery, we put together the initial proposal, taking into account the project’s overall value and giving weight to proposals that focus on apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Turnkey solutions delivered as efficiently as the energy they provide

Our self delivery model means we have the know-how and the opportunity to push the limits of the net zero impact of our projects.

Sustainability experts inhouse

Our specialised team possesses deep knowledge in sustainable design, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation strategies. We prioritise continuous training and development to keep our team abreast of the latest advancements in sustainable construction practices.

Specialist supply chain partners

The strength of our relationships with essential specialist suppliers, means that we are able to put rigorous standards in place. Ensuring the standards of our network are aligned with our own.

In Depth evaluations

We conduct thorough post-occupancy assessments to measure how well a building’s performance matches its original design and pinpoint areas for enhancement. As well as comprehensive evaluations of our clients’ facilities, identifying opportunities for improvement, enhancing energy efficiency, and implementing decarbonisation initiatives. Relentlessly pursuing your decarbonisation objectives through strategies such as energy-efficient design, utilisation of renewable energy sources, and adoption of low-carbon technologies.

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