Our clients come from diverse sectors but they share common energy challenges. Reducing emissions, balancing costs and maximising the potential of their local infrastructure. We work with them on solutions to hit their carbon redirection targets the efficient way. As a result, they're powering better and brighter communities nationwide.

Here are just some of those clients:

Working with Bradford Energy Network to install the most cost effective, low-to-zero carbon heating solution, and lay the ground work that will enable the city to fulfil its ambition to be the UK’s leading Clean Growth City.

We installed and commissioned an energy-efficient heating network to serve 750 homes, as a core component of a major community regeneration project in East London.

The Barking Town Centre Decentralised Energy Network is an innovative project designed to supply low-carbon, affordable energy to 10,000 new homes and businesses in Barking through a new Energy Centre.

Bristol City Council – PSDS

We significantly contributed to decarbonising Bristol's heat network by efficiently upgrading the heating systems of 12 live buildings within budget and on schedule, without any unplanned downtime.

King’s Cross

Kings Cross is a landmark, 67 acre redevelopment of a major Central London location, making the successful implementation of a district energy solution, one of the UK’s most impactful and visible projects.