We were able to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of a number of Bristol’s social housing portfolio by efficiently transforming the heating systems of 12 live buildings, in budget, on schedule and with no unplanned down time.

5.5 MW

of heat interface plant installed


switched from local gas boiler


live site buildings


Managing occupied buildings

Carrying out intrusive modification construction works in occupied buildings represents a significant risk to the safety of and relationships with the building occupants.

Maintaining critical supply

The customer mix included social housing, schools and a fire station, all of which have non negotiable critical heat and hot water supplies that we needed to ensure were uninterrupted

Navigating stakeholder management & programme constraints  

This was a Salix funded project, meaning that there were strict delivery deadlines. Therefore effective relationship management, and communication with stakeholders across diverse building types was critical to the success of the project.


Customer service supply uninterrupted

We delivered the project with no unplanned loss of service, thanks to meticulous planning & phasing of works.

Efficient work processes

Our self-delivery model allowed us to take a dynamic approach to working across various connections concurrently, delivering the project on time and to budget.

Social value

By employing a local labour force and supply chain, we were able to have a positive effect on the local business ecosystem.

Net Zero Carbon

Another step on the way, we have delivered a meaningful contribution to the decarbonisation of heat in Bristol.