Installing and commissioning an energy efficient heating network to service 750 homes, at the heart of one of east London’s most ambitious community regeneration projects.


New homes


Permanent energy centre capacity

5 yr

Ongoing project


Disruptive installation requirements

The size of two, 50m3 thermal storage vessels on a live and busy construction site, presented significant healthy and safety risks, and were overcome by careful planning.

Lift & shift of a 14 tonne power unit

Installation of containerised 600kW natural gas fired combined heat and power unit, was complicated by extremely challenging space constraints.

Maintaining heat supply to new residents

The first residents moved in before works were completed, making it critical to maintain their supply during the build out. Two temporary energy centres were required to match the developer’s programme.


Maximum efficiency

We installed the latest district heating plant and equipment to the very highest standards, maximising the decarbonisation benefits for the end user

Dynamic delivery

Thanks to the ThermaMech’s self-delivery model, we were able to facilitate working efficiently across various connections at the same time.

Happy customers

Temporary energy centres, aligned with the developer’s schedule maintainted the heating supply to new resident’s homes.

Opportunities for local people

ThermaMech ensured that the works were delivered by a local company, labour force and supply chain.


  • 2 x Temporary Energy centres
  • Permanent Energy centre which has a final capacity of 16MW
  • Pre-insulated Polymer Network
  • Packaged substations
  • Above ground distribution pipework
  • Risers and Laterals
  • HIUS

The energy centre generation plant includes :

  • 3 x 1MW condensing natural gas fired boilers.
  • Containerised 600kW natural gas fired combined heat and power unit.
  • 2 x 50m3 The thermal storage vessels