King’s Cross is a landmark, 67 acre redevelopment of a major Central London location, making the successful implementation of a district energy solution, one of the UK’s most impactful and visible projects.


CO2 reductions vs baseline emissions


Residential units


Commercial space


Collaborating with multiple developers

The King’s Cross development is being created in conjunction with several different developers, necessitating the effective collaboration of multiple institutions. We managed the process to ensure the timely installing and commissioning of networks across the site.

Overcoming complex logistics

The bigger the city, the more complex the logistic and planning constraints. We worked with our partners and the relevant local authorities to secure a smooth and timely project delivery with minimal disruption.

Congested existing services

Installing a high performance, pre insulated steel network with a heavily congested system of existing services demanded highly technical processes and planning to achieve quality of works within tight timelines.


Enabling a major development

ThermaMech have installed a pre-insulated heating and chilled network across the entire residential and commercial aspects of the King’s Cross estate.

Overcoming logistical issues

A pre-fabricated heating and chilled substation was manufactured offsite and delivered, installed and commissioned for each building, to connect the buried network with the aboveground pipework that feeds each substation.

Future proofed scheme

A major part of the project has been providing the essential utilities required for next generation living. The future proofed district heat system is already supplying over 28GWh of heat each year to customers.

Low-carbon credentials

Our integrated energy system has played an essential part in enabling The council offices, leisure centre and library to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM sustainability rating. As well as a further six buildings to achieve ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Excellent’ status.

Social value

ThermaMech ensured that there was a significant social impact by employing a local labour force and engaging a local supply chain.


  • Development of design.
  • Supply, Install and Commissioning of pre insulated Underground Heating and chilled pipework.
  • Welding of Pre-insulated steel pipework.
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing) Weld Testing.
  • Electro fusion Jointing.
  • GPS mapping of New Network.
  • Supply, Install and Commissioning of pre insulated Aboveground Heating and chilled pipework.
  • Welding of steel pipework.
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing) Weld Testing.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Water Treatment.
  • Testing and Commissioning of Heating and chilled network.